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Vincenzo Paglia, Bishop of Terni Narni Amelia, was born on April, 21, 1945 in Boville Ernica (Italy) and Ordained as Priest on March, 14, 1970.

Ordained as Bishop on April 2, 2000 in the Lateran Basilica in Rome, he has been nominated as President of the Catholic Bible Federation by the Executive Committee and confirmation through the Holy See, in August 2002. From 2004 he's also the President of Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue of Italian Episcopal Conference.


Academic studies and degrees

Pontifical Roman Minor and Major Seminary (Pontifical Lateran University), Licenciate in Philosophy (Pontifical Lateran University, Rome), Licenciate in Theology (Pontifical Lateran University, Rome),Master´s degree in Pedagogy (University of Urbino, Italy)


Since the early 1970s Paglia has been involved with the Community of Sant´Egidio, being one of its co-founders. For many years he was the spiritual and ecclesiastical assistant of the community and is often referred to as the "anima" of Sant´Egidio. For more information on the Community of Sant´ Egidio please see www.santegidio.org.

In 1973 he has been nominated as rector of the church of Sant´ Egidio which had become the center of the Saint Egidio Community.

In 1981 he is parish priest at Santa Maria in Trastevere and prefect of the Third Prefecture in Rome.

International commitment (for Saint Egidio and the Holy See): Among Paglia´s international commitments his work for Albania deserves special mention. He was the first priest to enter the country after the free elections in March 1991. He has obtained the re-opening of the Seminary, the restitution of the Cathedral, and he has paved the way for the relations between Albania and the Holy See. In 1999 Paglia negotiated with Rugova and Milosevic during the war in Kosovo and has acted as "special ambassador" several times.



Paglia regularly publishes articles in widespread Italian magazines. His academic and publishing activities concern esp. the fields of social history and biblical spirituality. Among his social studies those on prisoners and on poverty deserve special mention: La pietà dei carcerati (The Piety of the imprisoned), Rome 1980, La storia dei poveri in occidente (History of the poor in the West), Milan 1994
He is also the author of numerous publications in the field of biblical spirituality and pastoral ministry. Among those are:Città secolare e Vangelo (The secular city and the Gospel), Rome 1988, Il Vangelo ogni giorno (The Gospel every day), Milan 1997, Lettera ad un amico che non crede (Letter to a non-believing friend), Milan 1998, All´alba del nuovo millennio (At the dawn of the new millennium), Milan 1999. Fron 2000 to 2004 has wrote comments to the four Gospels for Leonardo International.


For his work in peace he received in 1999 the Gandhi Medal of Unesco e inl 2003 the Mother Teresa Prize of Albanian Government.

In 2004 Academy of Saint Valentines of Terni gave him the Golden Saint Valentine, and in 2005 City of Orvieto gave Prize for Dialogue, in 2006 he had Premio Grinzane Terra d’Otranto.

On 29 march, 2006 His Holiness Patriarch Alexy of Moscow awarded Bishop Vincenzo Paglia with the Order of the Holy and Right-Believing Prince Daniel, 3rd class, in consideration of his contribution to the development of dialogue between the Roman Catholic and the Russian Orthodox Churches.

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